What is YOUR Value?

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Jaguar Perry with Fellow Artists

Where do you see your value, as a person? What qualities or skills do you possess that are the most valuable and are you profiting from them? I came across this concept after running into a bad week that not only set me back goal-wise but also mentally. Luckily, there were no finances involved. However, I have learned to look at failure as opportunity by always attempting to find the silver-lining and in this situation there were many.

I found that during this time I was experiencing moments where I allowed myself to be convinced (to convince myself) that my value did not truly lie where I believed it did. As if I could some how benefit more from something that was not my calling because it appeared easier. I was soon given a rude awakening but this time something was different than before; the feeling of losing did not hurt as much as it had in the past. I was growing. This alone was reason enough for me to rejoice in the face of failure.

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We all must take the time to learn ourselves! What is you truly valuable to us, what things in life could we not live without morally, mentally, sexually? Yes money is a constant factor in this capitalist system but money is just a form of energy, so what are you doing to generate it? Do you love your process of making money, or is it just a means to an end for you? Either is fine but we must be able to identify these concepts lest we lose ourselves in the process. It is soooo easy to fall off course, especially when you are doing well!

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