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"Visual Philosophy"

Defining your work as an artist is a major component in becoming a professional and marketing yourself. It not only allows you to get a better understanding of how to describe your work to your audience but more importantly it gives you a greater sense of confidence and purpose. Knowing exactly what you create and why is like a form of enlightenment for an artist. For me, finally being able to put it into words has relieved a path for me to follow.

My work can be described as “Visual Philosophy” (not to be confused with my personal philosophy for creating visual art.), it represents my attempt at communicating and understanding complex ideological concepts through visual mediums. Ideologies concerning racism, religion, love and lust, and wealth.

I have always felt that art has a responsibility to be more than just beautiful or aesthetically pleasing, that it should not only challenge its viewers but also have some kind of effect on the world. Presenting ideas that challenge the society they were created in, causing people to think outside their norms. I achieve this by creating small series of paintings to explore whatever concept I am tackling at the time. Not only using the imagery but also the titles of the series and the individual pieces to articulate my perspective totally.

Why do you create? How would you describe the work you create? Who do you create for? I challenge you to answer these questions for yourself.

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