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Undercover Lover Fall 2019 Food, Fashion & Fantasy

Photo taken by Meek Makings
A moment captured during the show. Model and performer Syrus Lune pictured.

The inspiration came in a flash, not the concept for the show but how to start writing about it. I could hear my own voice in my head, spelling it out to me. So here we are!

The Undercover Lover Fall 19’ Show 'Food, Fashion & Fantasy (an intermission performance during Fashion Week at the Carrack) was first envisioned as a street art performance that would be performed between Syrus Lune and myself, oh course with costumes and props created by Meek Makings.

The original concept was never manifested. It compared GMO TV dinners and our country as a society and could have been performed anywhere with just us three and a table. Turns out the idea would grow from throwing Hungry-jack microwavable mystery meat at a patchwork American flag, to throwing garden fresh vegetables on the runway.

The opportunity to have a show with The Carrack had been a goal of mine for quite sometime. I had been featured in several community and group shows but never had the chance to direct and curate an event myself. Even though the entire runway show was not my idea, we were given free reign to create for our part, which we decided the intermission would be the best time for.

With the help of Undercover Lover members Syrus Lune and Meek Makings, the infrastructure of the performance could be created. We also received help from other amazing artists in the community that volunteered to be our models and performers. Huge blessings go out to Sharada Fozard, Ade Oni and Ontario Hunter.

Photo taken by Meek Makings
Polygamy Sweater by Undercover Lover

We plan on continuing to produce at least one show for each season. If you want to stay posted become a member of the site and get updates on all the new content we will be creating!!!

Watch the Undercover Lover Manifesto Video Click Here!

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