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I'm excited to be heading back to Durham this weekend for a "lil" work, I mean if you can call filming amazing artists and events in Street Culture, work. I have been to events all over the country but there is no place like home. The Street scene in NC is small but concentrated and very intimate, making it harder to and easier to get things done in different cases, but I wouldn't change too much. Even as I made my journey through the trials of being "a person", I always find myself yearning to be home, even if the grass is even greener where I'm at.

Allie Capo presents: Pop-Up Shop Block Party

March 23rd 3pm-8pm

The Mothership 401 W. Geer St. Durham, NC

After Party 8pm-1am

The Living Arts Collective 410 W. Geer St. Durham, NC


The Syrus Lune Experience is an event series created by Undercover Lover Syrus Lune were he showcases his Avant-garde style of Culinary Art. He mixes the experience of live painting, with vegan food and his abilities as a master chef to produce an unforgettable experience.

We have finally kicked it into full gear with his Food Album: Hummingbird, so if you see us out, show some LOVE!

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