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These Are Your Gods(?)

What role do entertainers play in your life? Yes, that's a serious question. Do you believe them to be a reflection of society... of yourself? Do you believe the stories you see in movies or hear in songs to be true? How do you draw the line between publicity stunts and their real lives? What is a rumor in the tabloids and

what is fact? Better yet, what the F*CK does it have to do with you?

I ask these question in sight of the ever growing practice of seeing society as a reflection of the horrendous and downright ridiculous stories we "read" (hear) about in the Media. People like Cardi B, R Kelly, and Kim Kardashian have become the standard in which we view the world. Disgusting. Knowledge of Self has become a cliche', We know more about these celebrities' lives then the working of our own credit and banks. We hold them more accountable for their actions then our own government. Yet these people do nothing for us but entertain.

Sad, to say the people who most likely need to read this will not but none the less it is a troubling habit our generation is feeding into.

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