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Saturdays are Clean-Up Days


-Thank You, Management


Clean Up Day. Giggity

Saturdays are Clean Up days in the Nu Bey House. It's a good time to reflect on the week, while cleaning the clutter of the week. We all know that time management is of great importance, so why not set a schedule for yourself so that someone else doesn't have too. Self discipline plays a pivotal in being an entrepreneur, especially for us artists. I think the greatest allure in being a full time entrepreneur is being in control of your own schedule. However, so many people fail to make, or to adhere to them.

Put in the work.

I have found that creating your own schedule

(even if you already have a job) affords you many

benefits: More self confidence in being able to keep track of your accomplishments, optimizing your time and being able to get more done, and most of all, a peace of mind in having a plan of execution.

I come up with my schedule for the week on Sunday. To make it easier for myself I have broken down the days into categories, so generally end up doing the same kind of work on the same days. For instance, I paint on Thursdays. It doesn't exactly matter what, I make that decision on Sunday (Or sometimes on that day), however, I have made it easier for myself to make a decision as to the what I should be doing.

Setting goals also helps with this process, you won't know how to get "there" if you don't know where you're going in the first place. It is important to have a destination in mind when plotting your course, so you know how close you've gotten to it, for me this serves a a sort of "pat on the back". I'm able to look back at my progress no matter how small and know that I am at least moving forward. Especially in those times of confusion and self doubt.


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