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In 2020

Saturday Night by Archibald J Jr Motley
Saturday Night by Archibald J Jr Motley

I haven't been plastering New Years resolutions all over social media because my "new year" tends to start on my birthday, however, this moment in itself is a product of those resolutions. It can be hard to fight distractions, some harder than others but I guess the purpose is to build up a tolerance. Develop patience and try to put your mind at ease. Like everyone else I am excited about the new year and I am guilty of romanticizing the entire experience. The idea of a new start is too tantalizing not too.

I will be making some updates to the site soon, to add an events or a #WIP portion to the site or blog to incentive me to create more content, and be more open and loose with this online marketing.

Durham Beat Market January 10

Undercover Lover Winter Show Feburary 9

God Dog[ma] Summer 2020

[No Flyer for this yet *shrugs*]

Well Im on my way to work on some murals downtown. Ill be living streaming from my Instagram Page @Jaguar_Perry today around 12pm EST

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