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Durham Beat Market

Photo taken by Tony Gilchrist @7ife
Jaguar Perry live painting at Nov. Durham Beat Market

So the Durham Beat is an awesome single story independently printed zine, once a month they put together an artists market at Fullsteam Brewery. I had the amazing opportunity of being able to vend and paint at this months' installment, last Friday. Seeing as I just moved back to Durham about 7 months ago (a lot of that time being put into getting settled back in) I haven't had many opportunities to step back on "the Scene". So this was a very welcome experience.

It always astounds me when I think about how much this city has changed me, not to mention how much it has changed itself. None the less it is always a pleasure to collaborate and hang out with other artists who make help make this city what it is. The market was of course filled with great artists and what impressed me the most was the professionalism seen in there product displays!

Mine, much like the inside of my head is disheveled yet aesthetic haha. I am happy finally have gotten some prints made for "She Was Crazy like a Fox". They will only be for sale directly through me until I get my online store up and running next year.

All in all, this post is just about me getting back in the game! Oh and here's a lil time lapse of the process and the final product.

Still working on a more official series of Blogs, more than likely it will be another round of interviews. Either way ill keep up with this more loose style, as I get my life routines in order. Well stay beautiful , peace.

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