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Being An "Artrepreneur"

My journey as an entrepreneur and artist began a very long time ago. I remember drawing pictures of Sonic the Hedgehog and customizing them for other children. I would sell those drawings for a dollar a piece back in like Middle School. I always want it to make money or be able to support myself with with my Art.

Originally, I wanted to be a cartoonist, then a film director or an animation specialist in then a Rapper and comic book artist. Witch I actually did pursue for a while not necessarily professionally but I made a lot of comic books. So it's safe to say it has always been in me to use my hands to create a living for myself. So when I was 'removed' from college the first time I decided to start doing tattoos.

I started an apprenticeship learned the trade, that's what I did in for a long time. For about ten years that was my sole form of income I traveled all over the east coast of North Carolina all the way to Atlanta, then up to New York. Doing tattoos in different places for different people, sometimes people I didn't even know! You know you just end up meeting them through word of mouth and you kind of end up at a stranger's house at 2 in the morning, tattooing the entire family and that was pretty much the lifestyle I lived for about 10 years.

So fast forward to in those times I learned a lot of important tools for running a business marketing branding promotion especially getting the word out developing relationships with people all these things played a key role in my success as a tattoo artist and ultimately my success as a Creative Director in general from there I was able to expand and build on that skill and stretching to other markets light mural painting painting on canvas teaching art and if tease and virtual reality painting and graphic design all these Avenues were opened up to me through developing my skill with my hand I trade a skill that cannot be taken away from me that can be translated in many different forms and that is the power of Art!

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