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Artist To Artist Interviews!!!

the beautiful Johanna Burwell member of Undercover Lover

I am so excited to be starting this series of Artist Interviews and profiles. Mainly because I admire and look up to many of the Artists I will be getting the chance to speak too, but also because I think this is an under served area of the community. Many Artists (including myself) struggle to find a platform for our work, not to mention all the saturation in the market by less "inspired" individuals, it makes finding an audience even harder.

This series is a small but direct attack at this very problem!

I have set up interviews with several of my favorite artists, some who are much further along in their journey than others but all whom I personally respect and see tremendous value in their work. All the artists in this series have mastered or are seeking to master different mediums: dance, photography, cosmetology, culinary, graphic & clothing design, and much more. The list is already stacked with some great talent but hope to continue the series indefinitely.

Here's a sneak list of just some of the beautiful people and work we will be seeing very soon!!!

Photo created by Master Storyteller Justice4Tyranny

Braid Technician and Stylist Laurie'Ann Laflare

Visual Artivist FRANCO

Culinary Artist and Poet Syrus Lune

If you weren't excited before I expect that you are now. Stay posted and up to date on all the progress and happenings here at the Blog!

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