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Artist to Artist Interview: Paris J. (Decor by Paris)

Artist can come in all shapes and form, but what interests me the most are the mediums they choose to express themselves through. Over the last three or four years of my life the curation and occupation of space has become not only very interesting but very important to me. So when choosing the artists I wanted to speak to for this series, I knew I wanted to get in contact with my good friend and Interior Designer Paris Johnson.

Most of the time when people call me, they don't have any idea about what they want to do; not a color, not a pattern. All they know is how much they want to spend and that they want their SPACE to look better.

-what do you think makes a person an artist?

The creative process. Using creativity to create.When i am designing a space for someone, I am inspired by nature or art. I could be flipping through a magazine and see a bird and the bird could be like four or five different colors and I'll be like "oh wow I like these colors" and I'll put those together in a room. I also have a color key, it's like a lot of different colors on a wheel. I'll play with color combos sometimes just to see how they look together. something like that. Just being inspired by your surroundings and still be able to translate [it into] your skill.

Success to me is having consistent happy clients, I don't really want to be famous but I would like notoriety. I would like people to know my work.

-When did you realize you wanted to do this?

I've always gotten compliments on my place from people that worked at the leasing office or maintenance people people that came to visit. Even neighbors would would just walk by and peak in and say, "Oh! Your place is so nice, can we see it? They would asked if I did this for other people and said that I could make a lot of money. So I was like okay maybe I'll try it out. I had to get out of that not liking to talk to everybody and be more social. I had to come out of my shell, so once I got past that and started networking and meeting people. It got a lot easier.

-How long have you worked on your craft?

A little over two years now, Business-wise. But it was always just something that I liked to do even as a kid. When I was like 9 or 10 (You remember when you used to play in boxes haha) I would keep the boxes and I would cut windows out of it and make my own little wallpaper. I would draw stuff inside on the wall hahaha. I was hooking it up. That's always just something that I like to do and as I got older with my own place I would get bored at 1:30, 2:30 in the morning go to Walmart to buy some stuff and start moving things around.

-What is your biggest accomplishment?

I would have to say my biggest accomplishment are my clients reactions faces when everything is finished. honestly it gets better every time! As I look at my work progress and then talking to them (clients) after the fact. Them telling me how much they love it or they when call later and tell me their friends were over and they loved it. I've been learning a lot more, researching a lot more about different and older styles and techniques. So, I guess only timing is going to make it better.

-How do you practice your craft?

There is this game i play on my phone, where you can pull furniture and accessories from different websites and make collage or decorate a room in the app. Or sometimes if I'm at a family or friends house I'll ask them if I can, you know, maybe change something in the home for them. Like, "Hey! Let me paint this for you or change this or that. So I ended up with like four rooms painted at my mom's house so far.

When most people go to businesses that they love it's always about money well as an artist. I love what I do, so, if I can continue to do this and comfortably care for myself and my son. I'm Happy!

Interview by Jaguar Perry

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