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Are you Woke?

Art created by Alex Gray

Just a little click bait for folks this week, but HEY! that never hurt anybody right? (FakeNews)

So, what does it mean to be woke and are you (tired of the word yet hahahaha)? Well first off, I definitely am. Tired of the word that is, and the conversations that come along with it.

However, I always find myself locked in debate with someone about higher consciousness, astral projection and the like. I used to love these debates, sharing and receiving knowledge as people explored a "new" concept, or at least a concept that was new to them. It did not take me long to grow weary of it though.

It is now the latest in a slew of 5 second religions, based solely on the doctrine of memes. Being raised in the 'Bible Belt' I am programmed to quote the Bible, even after a 15+ year absence from any Church. So let me say this, the concept of being 'woke' should come down to this random collection of words from the Bible (I think)

"Get the log out of your eye, before you worry about the splinter in someone elses."

This means work on yourself, and let other work on themselves as well, because when YOU can see better the world will BE better!

Holla atcha BOI!!!!

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