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An Undercover Lover

For the longest time people would tell me that I should put my work on t-shirts. "They would sell out, so easily!", and had I done it then (back in 2006) maybe it would have. In that time though I wasn't ready (I honestly felt like it was beneath me), and now that I am the market place is totally saturated. That still wasn't going to stop me!

Undercover Lover T-shirt designed by Jaguar Perry

Hip Hop Culture has always been a pillar in the Street Community and the fashion that represented it. So naturally I was that i would be drawn to it even back then. I just always wanted to see my work in museums not billboards, and that desire hasn't changed. It's just that now i realize i can have both.

Collaboration project between Undercover Lover x Divoli S'vere x Adidas

Design Concept for a Jaguar Perry x Nike collab

I have always been an "Undercover Hypebeast". I just never thought I could afford that stuff without first being a sell out my morals. It took me 15 years to learn this lesson.

The t-shirt I designed is a representation of years work of development, both conceptual and artistic.

Freedoom, every man is condemned to be free.

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