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A New Journey Begins

It means a lot for me to be back talking to you guys like this! The past two years have definitely been a roller coaster but since I’m back writing this blog, it’s safe to say I made it through. So much has changed in the world around us and things don’t look to be settling down anytime soon! There have been many tragedies befallen us here in the good ole US of A since my last post, I’m sure we could all name a few. But we aren’t gonna dwell on what should be though, let’s focus on something new and exciting!

This is Tilt Brush a Google Creative Application for the Oculus(now known as the Meta) Quest 2

Those who know me as an artist know that I for a long time had a prejudice against Digital Art, even as I studied it in college. My biggest issue was how limited I felt, not working directly on the surface the art was being displayed on. Yes I could have purchased a high end Wacom tablet but that never was in my budget, so for a while I only used Photoshop for creating simple animations and logos. However, things have changed since I got my hands on the Quest 2. Painting and modeling in the 3D space has never been more tactile and intuitive. The same motor skills I have honed for years drawing and creating in the physical world can now with the help of haptics be put to use in the digital space.

It has changed my perspective on what can be created in the digital world which is currently growing around us.

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