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A Complete Artist

My journey in life is to become a Complete Artist. You may ask yourself what that means, and for me the meaning has changed over the years. However, one pillar has always stayed the same: to master and understand every nuance of the mediums I use. By doing this I have found that you will discover the hidden thread that ties all forms of expression together.

I'm not entire sure what this particular skill is, but I have observed it manifested in different ways in different people. Those who are able to attain exceptional skill and merit in one subject, then apply that wealth of knowledge to another subject, and excel just as fast if not faster than they did in the previous. This is defining characteristic and goal of the Complete Artist.

'Telling a story', began for me as just using words, then I began to tell them with images, and then sound. Through it all the core principles of 'Telling a story' remain the same; Beginning, rising action, climax, falling action and final conclusion. This rising and falling, upon further investigation becomes a wave, and that's when you fall down the rabbit hole.

Everything is "The Wave", but that's a subject for another time.

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