“The consistent underlying tone of Jaguar’s work is awakening *minds* and upsetting the status quo. An artist with just as much ink as blood flowing through his veins, his fire-like passion is spelled out in the work he creates. Raising questions of integrity, conformity, and purpose in his paintings, his body of work examines subjects ranging from the effects of capitalism on work ethic to how drugs affect the culture of the youth."

- - - Cut Norris

Durham, NC based Visual Artist, Jhordan “Jaguar” Perry, is comfortable in an assortment of mediums, however, he uses Oil paint as his predominant form of expression. After honing his skills as a draftsmens over a decade long career as a Tattoo Artist, he has been able to combine past lessons with those he has learned about color theory and composition to create visual narratives that immerse his viewers.The narratives in his work are both mythological and based in reality; as he blends elements of religion and spirituality to tell tales of current struggles and triumphs. 

As Jaguar explores other artistic avenues he is inspired by renaissance men like Paul Robeson and Langston Hughes, to not be tied down to one form of expression. Thanks to his work as Asst. Director in the Durham Civil Rights Mural Project, his eyes were opened to new creative outlets and opportunities. Ultimately, his goal is to blend all his skills together and be known as a complete artist that can masterfully switch between and utilize multiple mediums








  • Undercover Lover : Lovers & Friends  Valentine's Day Show - The Fruit  Durham, NC Feb. 2020

  • Undercover Lover Fall Fashion Show

  • High Gloss: A Painters Exhibit - Gallery 116th. Fayetteville, NC Apr. 2018

  • Civiliter Mortuus - Oakland Free-Up. Oakland, CA Fed. 2016

  • Muralist - The Carrack. Durham, NC Feb. 2016

  • Kings - Rock, Paper, Scissors. Oakland, CA Aug.2015



• Best Editorial Cartoon (“Stranger than Fiction – North Carolina’s voting obstacle course,” Jhordan ‘Jaguar’ Perry)